Is Sachin a terrorist, or does he have rabies?

We all know that the ICL is evil.

Playing in it either means you get rabies or become a terrorist.

It’s a potent mother fucker.

So potent that the BCCi doesn’t let its players into club games, and wont let Indian players sign for sides where ICL players are signed.

But they have fucked up.

Big time.


Sachin Tendulkar is to play with Hamish Marshall today.

Yes Hamish Marshall of Royal Bengal Tigers fame.

While the obvious and correct decision would be to kill Hamish Marhsall before the days play in this masters union classic that I and spotsfreak have single handedly raised awareness of, the BCCi may not have any of their hitman over for this tour, their spare cash is having a plane loaded with fuel in every city they are playing at incase they get a rotten umpiring.

So they either have to over turn their decision to let Sachin play.

Or risk his safety.

It’s a tough call.

I hope your memories of Sachin are set in stone, because soon he is going to start smoking in the toilets very soon.

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0 thoughts on “Is Sachin a terrorist, or does he have rabies?

  1. horatius says:

    And then Lalit Modi will find his chewed up bits scattered all over India.

  2. profernity says:

    They could just tell Mr Modi that it’s James Marshall, not Hamish. Problem solved.

  3. Leg Break says:

    Well Modi has spoken; and Tendulkar’s got the day off.

    And Marshall can look at all the Indian fans who’ve turned up early feeling really proud.