Wellington’s something old, something new

Sportsfreak and I heard about a wonderful match, and we couldn’t help teaming up to talk about it.

It has been announced that prior to the T20 International with India on Friday night NZ enters the world of Masters entertainment; normally something reserved for golf. And boxing.

And the promotion website thingy even calls it a clash . At that age?

This would seem to be a Players’ Association initiative, although the ultimate goal of it is a bit hard to fathom.

Unless buckets are going to be passed around the stadium, and remember people won’t be too drunk at that time of day, the only possible reason would seem to be remind the general public of past deeds from these players.

A cricketing version of Anzac Day perhaps.

So who’s’ turning up for this?

Samsung NZCPA Masters Sumsung?

Stephen Fleming (Captain) Somewhat bizarrely referred to as “State Wellington Firebirds Twenty20 captain Stephen Fleming”. That sounds a bit like saying MP for Mt. Albert Helen Clark.

Kerry Walmsley He’s on the board of the players’ association now in case you’d forgotten who he was, and why he’s there.

Dion Nash Taking a well-earned break from his beach cricket selectorial duties.

Matthew Horne There’s an interesting one. We can’t work that out either.

Hamish Marshall Oops. Someone miscalculated here. Lets hope he leaves the ground before the touring BCCI members notice. Hardly a Master either really.

Simon Doull Here to gain commentary tips from Ian Healy

Bryan Young Now working as a security guard. A double role on the night? Also, Nz needs a keeper. No-one wanted Parore there, everyone had forgotten about Robbie Hart and it would have been just too cruel to get Smith to play.

Shane Thomson Words fail us. But watch out Cuba St.

Andrew Jones Bet he bats out the full 20 overs.

James Fuller (U19) No, we haven’t heard of him either.

Paul Wiseman As if Fleming’s going to start giving him a bowl now.

And introducing the Aussie battlers…

ACA Masters ACA stands for Australian Cricket Association. At least our boys get a real sponsor.

Darren Lehmann (Captain) He clearly decided this was a better role than coach of England

Greg Blewett This one is for the ladies, chances are he will get clean bowled while looking technically correct

Ian Healy Here to gain commentary tips from Simon Doull

Greg Matthews Doesn’t miss a publicity opportunity does he

Brad Hogg ICL audition?

Andy Bichel Probably thinks he is still playing for Queensland

Michael Di Venuto He did too play International cricket

Michael Dighton Without doing any research I will guess he holds a position with the ACA

Josh Hazlewood (U19) Has already destroyed New Zealand once, probably just wants another go

Mick Lewis Once bowled a great over in New Zealand, would not play in a similar game in South Africa

Greg Campbell Ricky’s bogan uncle, must have won a ACA raffle to get this gig

Wayne Holdsworth Was Danny Morrison busy?

So there you have it. If you’re in Wellington, get down early on Friday to watch this bold start of a new era. If not, flick on the TV. At least Doull and Healy won’t be commentating.

Go visit Sportsfreak, they aren’t Ricky’s uncle.

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0 thoughts on “Wellington’s something old, something new

  1. damiths says:

    this reminded me of that masters world cup they had once, do they still have that, without our knowledge or what?

    I remember watching guys like Logie, ok…for some strange reason I only remember Logie..but Im sure they fielded at least 10 others in a team or even XI.

    They should bring that back. From memory it was a lot of fun watching the oldies battle it out whilst trying to avoid inducing a heat attack or two.

  2. Leg Break says:

    The best bit about watching Beach Cricket, which is another guise of this Masters concept, is trying to work out who’s got the hair transplants and who just wears a rug.

    But we might have found the perfect retirement job for Bucknor.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Not all of them waited for old age for the hair transplant. Speaking of Mo, he’ probably still looking for a call-up to South Africa.