Charity Match Spectacular

You know the one I am talking about.

The Cricket With Balls Aussie Code of Conduct XI Vs The Village Cricketer’s English All Stars.

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far, especially Judi who has gone above and beyond, and is donating everytime New Zealand win, so she is probably hoping they have a shocking series against the Indians.

And thanks to those who have put their name down to play.

But we need more donaters.

And we need more players.

It’s called the Cricket With Balls Aussie Code of Conduct XI.

So I need XI bodies of various shape, type and so forth from Australia.

Anyone with an Australian accent will be considered.

The event is going very well so we have set our aim just a little bit higher.

As the Village Cricketer puts it.

We are seeking corporate assistance in three areas:

  • A headline sponsor for the event
  • Shirt sponsorship for both sides
  • Corporate donations to the charity

We have had significant interest in the event to date, with a number of cricket’s finest journalists keen to participate, as well as a whole bunch of cricket bloggers. We are confident that an event of this nature, held in the run up to the Ashes and as part of Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month, would provide any organisation aligning itself with the event with significant PR opportunities, in addition to knowing that they have contributed to a very worthy cause, helping fund research to cross out prostate and testicular cancer.

If any of this interests you please email me at

The testicals need you.


0 thoughts on “Charity Match Spectacular

  1. Spigot says:

    Happy to play if you can obtain a dodgy aussie passport. Actually, is there any other kind?

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  4. Jrod, how can you be struggling for players? There are more Aussies in London than Poles, and that is saying something! Suggest you head down to the ‘SheBuWa’ and dangle some Vegimite about…

    Seriously, if you are stuggling, feel free to select some Kiwis, they may improve the side!

  5. Leg Break says:

    Do you need any security guards for this?