Grant Elliott’s face

While watching numerous Aussie-Kiwi encounters recently, I have been struck by Grant Elliott’s face.


Straight out of central casting

Straight out of central casting

Not in a bad way, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s actually pretty nice, but it is the kind of face that I feel I’ve seen loads before. I haven’t seen as many films as other contributors to this blog, but I’m quite sure Grant Elliot was in all of them, and also in every TV drama/comedy and advert as well, playing the following roles:

In a political film, the adviser to the guy you’re not meant to be getting behind.

The lawyer on the other side in a courtroom drama.

Harried dad of a youngster, in a madcap comedy where the kids are the main characters

Slightly idiotic best friend of the leading man.

Guy working in a high-end Barney’s-style men’s clothing store.

Bit part in a rom com playing an insignificant ex who was inoffensive but not “the one”.

The good, but compromised, Nazi.

The cool guy in a sitcom who looks good but doesn’t really say anything funny.

The businessman who is one of a mixed bag of characters in a disaster movie, who dies early.

Boyfriend of a Chelsea boy in a hip HBO show

Urban professional in an ad for luxury catfood, playing the foil to a woman and a soft grey cat.

Son of shipping magnate who sleazes on shipping magnate’s female employees.

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0 thoughts on “Grant Elliott’s face

  1. Ben says:

    The hack import who cant hit the ball and looks for singles in a T20 match.

  2. jrod says:

    God work Mims, I also think he would do well in a diet coke ad.

  3. Sid says:

    The good guy at the White House , or the Pentagon !!

    The foreigner who falls in Love with the Indian Village [bombshell] girl and who is later burnt to death for the same !

    The saffer who cudn get a place in his team nor the poms neither the ozzies ~! [And So he joined the sheeps ..]

  4. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    The third lead in some introspective American independent comedy who has the best role even though the other two guys are stars and you’ve never heard of this guy (think Darjeeling Limited).

  5. 12th Man says:

    He looks a Kolpak player to me.

  6. Mims says:

    Sid, your roles (the first two) sound suspiciously like leading-man roles to me.

  7. Mason says:

    He is a legend, I met him the other night and I think he is an awesome player and an even nicer guy. He told me he has acted before……..he was an extra in the prison of “the Power of One”.

  8. Miriam says:

    Mason, awesome. If you meet him again you should tell him that his face could get him many, many more roles.

  9. Mason says:

    Maybe Ben, should check his 20/20 credentials! Pretty impressive considering he has played such a limited amount of cricket. Great to see a batsman who doesnt need brut force and slogging to score runs!! He also just got a contract with Surrey…maybe he can get a role in Coronation street over there?!