You know the old joke about how cricket is stupid because you can play for five days and not get a result, well the next time someone says that to you punch them in the face, kick them when they hit the ground, take their wallet, and then piss on them.

While they are recovering, go get some gasoline and a match, while they burn to death, look at their address and go after their family.

Because the Pom Windies draw was magnificent.

You can read through my thoughts on the twitter feed as it happened.

I did get excited at times, and occasionally i asked for play to be abonded due to rain.

I loved this fucking ending though, it had some salt in it.

Fading light.

Dud tailenders holding the fort.

Gutsy allrounder bowling in pain.

Favourite pushing for victory.

Underdog hanging on.

And a draw.

A glorious draw.

This was intense test cricket, and when the Windies held on, i screamed out at the moon.

Am still yet to get that excited about a 2020 game, even though they get results.

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0 thoughts on “draw

  1. Leg Break says:

    The underdog was going for the win.

    But the favourites held on for a draw.

  2. poopsie says:

    where is the outrage over the declaration?

  3. Sid says:

    LAME !! the Poms couldn clean up the mess….. Dont tell me they fought !! Windies tail was impressive with fading light and still fighting hard .. Ball by Ball .. tats the way to go .. i remember the champs trophy in eng. again the windies won it with such bad light with the same opposing team ! ha ! but this brings to my mind.. do they hv night vision eyes or sumthin !!

    But do not forget to thank Sachin !! every single Cricketer or anyone related to cricket in India surely is … :)

  4. muppet arms says:

    What sort of dickhead captain sends in a nightwatchman when his team is setting a target?

    What sort of dickhead nightwatchman hangs around for 40 balls the following morning?

    What sort of dickhead batsman lets a nightwatchman take his place when he should be good enough to face the music himself?

    Suck shit Poms.

  5. Mark A says:

    i almost had a Meg Ryan cafe moment when I heard it was to dark and off the went

    Laugh? almost shat !!!!

  6. Mr Popodopolous says:

    Magnificent finish, only thing that could have made it more dramatic would have been Flintoff, taking the final wicket in his final over. Great Test match!

    Oh and a 450 lead declared at lunch would have sufficed, and don’t get me started on Anderson’s Day 4 batting….

  7. I saw it live, what a fantastic conclusion. The best bit for me was Powell driving Swann straight into KP and Kev having to leave the field with his lame hand hanging off his side. Then as Kev is walking off his team are yelling at him to hurry up and run off so they can go for the last wicket. Hilarious.