Future PM speaks to the people

Like any politician, even one I have created in my head, David Hussey knows public opinion is important.

And the people were turning.

Even I, his humble press secretary, was starting to question his performamces.

A bad politician would speak out, they would try and sling mud on someone else, or justify their position.

David Hussey didn’t bother, he just got back to basics.

Pull shots into the midwicket crowd.

Drives through cover.

And straight slaps that went down the ground by any means necessary.

Hussey got the runs done.

And he did it the David Hussey way.

He even ha time to fail before his hundred, as he likes to do when the game is iced.

This is what we want from David Hussey, carefree attacking batting like a mother fucker who just don’t care.

No one wants him to be Michael Hussey lite, he should be David Hussey; ball slapping genius.

And he knows this, so he gave it to us.

He just needs to do this more often.

Like he does for Victoria.

Kevin Rudd can’t run the country for ever.


0 thoughts on “Future PM speaks to the people

  1. I have to admit, to me it appeared he was doing his best to lose the game… right about when he ran out Haddin out…

  2. Park says:

    He may need Doug Bollinger to be his deputy if he requires votes from NSW to become PM. If he insists on running players out like that his Family First Party will fail outside of Victoria and WA.

  3. Leg Break says:

    Will Nugget be his Deputy?

  4. batting in ned kelly's helmet says:

    But sadly his State played like a busted arse today. Good thing he’s not the Premier.

  5. horatius says:

    Well, after suffering under that bastard monkey John Howard, you guys deserve your future PM.

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