imitating oneself

It would be easy to say New Zealand is inspired by the one man play based on Bob Blair’s life.

The truth is harder to put a handle on.

New Zealand are playing good cricket, but they are also missing 2 of their top 5 one day cricketers in Oram and Ryder.

Players like Broom and Elliot are not exactly world beaters, but they are playing good cricket, and Australia is not.

On paper Australia still has the better side.

But also on paper are Ponting’s forced resting, Roy’s litany of dribble, the krabs killer choke, Brett Lee’s almost forgotten absence, Hayden’s retirement, and a losing culture that is quickly permeating the Aussies.

And it’s the last point that is the most and only important one, the Australian team is looking like losers.

A change of captain had no effect.

A change of personnel had no effect.

The team just looks defeated.

David Hussey is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Australia at the moment, no one is a bigger fan of Hussey than I am, but look at his recent batting preformances.

They are, to use a Royism, UnFuturePM.

32 off 51

13 off 26

10 off 22

Anyone who has seen Hussey play at domestic level, and even when he started for Australia, will know this isn’t his way.

He doesn’t scratch around like his brother, he usually hits his way through an innings, it’s not unusual for him to not score for ten balls for Victoria, and then hit two sixes.

And once he gets started, he usually only goes out from over attacking.

The last 3 games he hasn’t done this.

He is batting like a dog who has its leash held.

The only way for Hussey to bat is all out, he isn’t a porbot like his brother, he is an animal.

In his second game for Ausrtalia he made 50 off 21 balls.

He is destruction with the bat, and usually when he plays for Victoria, when the coppalse, and they always collapse, he leads the comeback by attacking.

There is no sign of that man in the Green and Gold.

The man in the green and gold is doing some sort of bad Michael Hussey impresonation.

That is the Australian team in general, a bad imitation of itself.

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0 thoughts on “imitating oneself

  1. Deepak says:

    MCG is a tough wicket….Most tems would losing chasing that total. For mine, Aussie bowling is the problem not the slow scoring.

    Why do aus need 2 allrounder in CL white and Hopes? Maybe should get a class bowler like Bollinger or Sizzler.

    • jrod says:

      Deepak, you can make it tougher though, and it didn’t look tough when Warner was smashing south africa everywhere. But the problem isn’t the batting, it’s the whole side, every facet.

  2. hi says:

    can victoria defeat new zealand?

  3. ME says:

    “class bowler like Bollinger or Sizzler.”


  4. achettup says:

    I honestly don’t know why evryone keeps picking on Hopes, he’s been among their best players for both ODI series.
    I’ve just got to ask, where is Styris, I’d say he would make that top 5 ahead of Mills, since I’m guessing you mean Vettori, Taylor, Oram, Ryder and Mills. Wasn’t it Styris who retired from Tests to focus on ODIs?

  5. kiwi says:

    Scotty got a fractured thumb

  6. Styris broke his thumb in the recent series vs the Windies. He’s out for the entire Chappell/Hadlee series (I think).

    And, to be honest, he might now have a hard time getting back in the side given how well the new young players are performing.

  7. CM says:

    Styris, the pin-up boy of world cricket, is currently chilling out with Oram in the casualty ward waiting on new knees. Presumably because of the fully-grown additional adult that he’s carting around in body fat.

    My favorite banner ever: “Styrus, I want your piglets!” over the top of a love heart.

  8. Sunny says:

    its hard to believe that australia are getting p0wn3d by these two

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