Guptill, the best ranga who made a hundred for new zealand yesterday

Look closely at the photo too, there is something wrong with this guy, this photo looks wrong, are they super natural forces pulling at his genitals or something?

This guy made ton on debut, and it was the best one day hundred Vettori had seen that day, or this year, or something like that.

The bigger question is are ginger/ranga/rednut cricketers trying to take over the sport.

And what are the authorities doing to stop this?

At least he doesn’t bowl medium pace.

That would be horrible.

I may have put a hex on him.

Don’t get to used to him either, sure he made a hundred in his first knock, and he is only 22, but how many kiwis make big scores on debut and then become herpes on society, too many.


0 thoughts on “Guptill, the best ranga who made a hundred for new zealand yesterday

  1. Miriam says:

    Can I just say, he is adorable.

  2. martyd says:

    I have said it before and will say it again – “better red than dread”

  3. Anonymous says:

    dropped thrice before he reached 30..even lord megachief cant save the windies

  4. S.L.D says:

    the kiwis too seem to be stung by the red color…..good performance by guptill

  5. Jrod says:

    Anon, I know, thats why vettori’s comments were so funny.

  6. Beige HQ says:

    He does only have 2 toes on one foot(forklift accident) so that, rather than supernatural genital forces, may be at work.