my birthday card

Someone with a bit of time on their hands made this for me.


0 thoughts on “my birthday card

  1. Miss Field says:

    good grief is your name Jarrod?

  2. Miriam says:

    What a lovely, lovely, lovely person must have made that card.

  3. Miss Field says:

    I reckon. Someone who probably didn’t have much time at all on their hands… just made time somehow.

  4. Lisa says:

    Not just a lovely person but also a talented one.It’s very pretty.

  5. Jrod says:

    MF, that is my nickname. Mims, indeed. Lisa, it is, anything with keith miller on it is.

  6. Sachintha says:

    HOLY!Who wrote to you in Japanese?:D

  7. horatius says:

    I can believe the wise old sage, the High Priest of Sehwagology, is but a tender 29.

  8. Q says:

    Someone with a bit of time maybe but definitely someone with a lot of love for u Jrod.Brilliant.FYI, we’re born in the same year.

  9. Leg Break says:

    Mims,Jesse Ryder on a birthday card.Classy

  10. Miss Field says:

    We all have our vices.

  11. Dave says:

    Are you sure it’s a 2 horatius? Looks more like a 3 to me.

  12. Jrod says:

    Dave, definitely a 2.