How did it end?

Well it was pitched near the crack, and he tried to slog it over mid on.

Was it ugly?

Yeah, but he kept his head down, and at least it was an attacking shot.

What now?

He will go off to make cook books and do lifestyle shows with Stuart MacGill.

Is that a fate worse than death?



0 thoughts on “How did it end?

  1. poopsie says:

    Hopefully he too will thank God that it is over

  2. Moses @ Beer and Sport says:

    Apparently there is to be a ODI squad announced this week which will be the indicator that he’s been given the arse.For the love of God can he retire first?

  3. Miss Field says:

    No Moses, he can’t.

  4. Sunny says:

    well…it should have ended yesterday (day 3). apparently asoka de silva doesn’t understand plumb.