Snape takes stock

“When I speak to a player – Morne Morkel, say – I tell him that he is the managing director of Morne Morkel Limited, and that everything he does, whether it be training, nutrition, or mental preparation, will affect his share price.”

Jeremy Snape, SA sports psychologist

An anonymous friend put this up recently.

And it’s deadly scary.

Cricketers are now having to compare themselves to stocks in front of quacks, that is where our game is headed.

But this is perhaps scarier.

Thanks to Ceci of Ceci & Mel fame, for the photo.

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0 thoughts on “Snape takes stock

  1. Anonymous says:

    i like the cat. now put the cat in deep freeze.

  2. Miriam says:

    Morke looks like the pre-beard Prince William in that photo.

  3. Jrod says:

    Frozen cat is awesome.

  4. Q says:

    Brilliant that is! I reckon there be more for the rest of the South African team..