New Zealand’s greatest ever spinner

Bowling average of 15 in test cricket.


0 thoughts on “New Zealand’s greatest ever spinner

  1. Leg Break says:

    And with 3 test wickets he’s only about 15 wickets short of becoming our leading leg-spinning wicket-taker.Closing in fast on Brooke Walker; that’s for sure.My prediction of this match being the final test for Haddin and Redmond not looking so good at the moment.

  2. Ben says:

    Hi average has taken a battering in this test though. Slipped to over 20. Awesome strike rate now though – 25 by my calculations.

  3. Jrod says:

    Yeah i thought that might be the case as well. Scary. I think you might have scared them into action.

  4. warlock says:

    NZ just doesn’t do legspinners. The occasional one pops up, plays a couple of seasons for Central Districts, gets some wickets at a 50+ average, then quietly disappears.Before Redmond, I remember two leggies being picked for NZ, and one of them didn’t bowl. So a test wicket for a Kiwi legspinner is a surreal, almost freaky experience.

  5. Leg Break says:

    I remember two leggies being picked for NZ, and one of them didn’t bowlReally? Who were they; J Alabaster and G Vivian?

  6. Anonymous says:

    i thought the realm down under produces the greatest leggies

  7. David Barry says:

    NZ managed to produce one really good legspinner going back a while….

  8. Leg Break says:

    Well said DB,And then the thieving pricks came along and grabbed him.How did they do that? Easy: ban NZ from international cricket so the best players get tempted…

  9. warlock says:

    Who were they; J Alabaster and G Vivian?They played when I didn’t exist, so no, not them.Brooke Walker and Greg Loveridge were the ones I thought of. Loveridge was picked for one test, had his hand broken when he batted, and therefore didn’t bowl.Speaking of not bowling, looks like Australia won’t have to on day 5.

  10. Leg Break says:

    Ah; I thought you meant 2 picked at the same time WL.Don’t forget that other great recent test leg-spinner, Chris Harris.