i am not getting paid for this plug

True Story.

But i figured you people may want to buy up these little gems.

They is T shirts, and i think they are worth a free plug.

YOu can get them here.

First is the Bill.

Then the Richie.

And if you are drunk, or Sri Lankan you may want the Tony.

If you are the owner of Nipple Cripple, i’ll have an XL of the Bill thanks.


0 thoughts on “i am not getting paid for this plug

  1. Damith S. says:

    Lovely ! Is there a Ranjit Fernando?Cuz I would buy it and then burn it.

  2. Sunny says:

    what a sad spectacle this trio make. when you have a monopoly broadcaster, this is the shit sandwich you get handed: this lot with the smug ian healy and the cringeworthy mark nicholson as emcee. plus bill is getting old. i swear at the gabba he announced ricky ponting as ricky martin!as richie rich usually bellows…the only one i would pay to listen would be chappelli. and bumble.

  3. Jrod says:

    D, no Ranjit. Sunny, Bill is past his best, Richie is way past his, and Tony never had one. But they aren’t the only commentators we get in Australia, you can get foxports with brendan julian if you want to pay for it, and like thats value for money.

  4. Sunny says:

    @jrod – dead right abt fox sports. bill actually had it together couple of seasons back but that was just him seething about no Vics in the team. but the rest just need to go.

  5. fatalberton says:

    Friggin nipplecripple site tells me my innernet browser is out of date or something… suggests I downloand Firefox or some other left-wing string and rubberband application.Good business sense to offend your prospective client base.I was g0ing to but the Tony one.

  6. Jrod says:

    Fat Al, that is punishment for trying to buy something with Tony Greig’s face on it.

  7. Damith S. says:

    Jrod, Now there is a Ranjithttp://www.theflyslip.net/the-ranjit/