more fashion faux pas

England got humiliated in their practice game this week.


We all know the score.

But how embarrassing to turn up to someone’s place with the same dress on.

The most embarrassing things are behind you now England.


0 thoughts on “more fashion faux pas

  1. Leela says:

    Vodafone was the embarrassed party… sure chose the wrong team.

  2. CricketWithoutBalls says:

    First days as captain in India don’t get much worse. 387/5 “The most embarrassing things are behind you now England.” By Jrod

  3. Damith S. says:

    eng are out doing themselves afraid to even see the headlines tomorrow.

  4. vodaphony says:

    Which match is this picture from? Not today’s

  5. Rayden says:

    @ vodaphony The picture is from the England vs Mumbai XI match held about 4 days back. England’s performance was as bad as today’s match.

  6. Rob says:

    Nah, England has had some ‘bad times’ FedEx’d from Lords.

  7. Jrod says:

    Without, sarcasm is a wonderful thing.

  8. mr popodopolous says:

    We were trounced.Worse, Pietersen opted to bowl.And the fashion faux pas, well that just about puts the cap on it!MOORES OUT!