the battle for mott

On the surface the warm up game between the two News (Zealand and South Wales) means very little anyone.

Just a warm up game before a test series, and we know how seriously people take warm up games these days.

But there is a little spice on this one, a jalapeno named Matthew Mott.

Just so you know that could be the most exciting way Matthew Mott has ever been described.

You see the Kiwis are taken with the worlds former most boring cricketer and want him as coach of their rag tag bunch of ICL auctioneers.

His work to turn a New South Wales team into shield champions with only 9 international cricketers (and one who will be shortly) has them excited.

Mott is not convinced though, he sees New Zealand as a step down.

NSWales has been wooing him hard, offering him a 2 year deal and mentioning that they were the ones that gave him his big break.

But a more attractive man, Prince Brendan McCullum, has been wooing him also.

Mott has to choose between the people who believed in him, nurtured him, gave him a light blue speedblitz cap. They are good god fearing people who can’t offer him a lot, but are salt of the earth.

Or New Zealand, who offer the glitzy life of international cricket with all its cocaine and hooker mentality. The sort of people that like to party hard and throw their money around.

It’s a tough decision, but I expect Mott to pick NSWales, they are the safer option for him.

Although it’s hard to say no to a prince.

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  1. mr popodopolous says:

    Jamie How clearly played a fine innings, 170 but 266 all out minus 170 is not a lot of runs.