Dear Anil,

I need you.

Things feel different without you.

I am having trouble sleeping at night, food doesn’t taste the same, and some of my arm hair is falling out from the stress.

Back when we were together things were easier, everything was so perfect, we just clicked and you don’t just give up on that magic.

You are hurting now, and I understand, but I need you to fight, for us.

I know it was too high profile for you, and the papers printed all sorts of nonsense, but we have an electric connection, you cannot deny that.

Sure we had our bad moments, but Sydney was a long time ago, and I made up for it in Perth, didn’t I.

It’s hard to find a good man Anil, and you are courageous, dignified, hot in a Ravi Shastri nerdy kind of way, and it’s you I want to toss with.

This new guy isn’t that same, he isn’t as polite, his hair has obviously been styled, and between you and me, I am not sure he is even ‘one of us’.

You can’t replicate what we had with someone else, remember it took two men to replace you.

They say you’re old, I say you’re Sophisticated.

They say you’re boring, I say you’re dependable.

They say you’re past it, I say you’re it.

You are the sunshine that warms up all my darker press conferences.

You are the song I sing when I see a bird or smell a flower.

You are the life force I need to make it though the hellish winter season.

You are my everything.

You do not merely complete me, you are me, and I you.

We are the ying & yang of the cricket word, and when we are together there is nothing we can’t achieve.

I wanna see you plow through the crease, over after over.

I wanna see you let the ball come out the back of your hand.

I wanna see that forehead drip with sweat, just for me.

I miss the way your hand feels before the toss…

So come back my brown sugar lover.

I need you.

With Hugs & Kisses

Your hairy little goblin Ricky

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0 thoughts on “Dear Anil,

  1. Ceci says:

    Punter as a goblin just cracked me up totally…

  2. Jrod says: