Mehrab jnr sings to the kiwis

Two tests were being played today.

One between A list celebrities.

And one between Gunther on friends, and Paula Yates.

New Zealand and Bangladesh, or as they are known on, others, are not going to get the media attention a test match deserves.

Outside of Bangladesh and New Zealand no one really cares.

But cricket with balls is an equal opportunity cricket site, we cover it all, no matter how amazingly insignificant it is.

I like the way Bangladesh play under Jamie Siddons, if he says, lets make it to lunch without taking too many risks, they shut up shop and end up 1/34 off 32 overs.

I didn’t see it, but that must be as painful as a session of cricket can be.

But, there is method in the madness, Bangladesh faced a whole day of bowling from a test nation, and are 4/183 at the close of the play.

The score is not important, the confidence is.

And at 4 for they can still go on and make 300.

By day 3, perhaps.

Thinking Women’s Crumpet Daniel Vettori bowled 28 overs for 2 wickets.

Absolutely No One’s Crumpet Iain O’Brien also took 2 wickets.

New Zealand bowled 94 overs in a day, Australia only bowled 85 overs with an extra half an hour, but I am guessing no one stopped to watch invisible fire works for half an hour in Bangladesh when Mushfiqur Rahim made his 200th test run.

Jesse Badonkadonk Ryder even bowled at one stage, 3 overs, he was on an intervenous drip for hours afterwards, of tequila.

Young singer Mehrab Hossain jnr top scored with 79 not out, and he is still joined by Mushfiqur Rahim on 59 not out.

If one of them can go on and get a hundred it would be great for them, and it would set up a good test match

Or they could both be out in the first over and Bangladesh could make 184.

And New Zealand win in a canter.
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0 thoughts on “Mehrab jnr sings to the kiwis

  1. nestaquin says:

    Thanks for that JRod,A pretty good day for the Bangas and in fairness they need to learn to crawl before they can run.A century for Balgladesh Idol Mehrab Jnr looks a good bet and a pretty good reward for batting all day.

  2. Leg Break says:

    Jessie had some dwarf out LB in as plumb a shout as you will ever see 3rd ball.A-Shocker said it wans’t out.

  3. Jrod says:

    NQ, I think Siddons may be into something, the Aussie rules style to coaching, defence first, then you can attack. LB, good days play today.