Is Ricky Ponting the greatest comedian of our generation? (Never ever trust an Australian at cricket, or tiddlywinks)

Is he?

Better than Daniel Kitson, sure.

Better than Ross Noble, hell yeah.

Better than Dubya Bush, it’s neck and neck.


“I will have a think about it over the next couple of days,” Ponting said, “and see if I think it is the right idea to bring it up again.”

Might not sound funny on it’s own.

But when he is talking about trusting the word of the fielders on catches, he is surely taking the piss.

That is George Carlin funny.

Never trust an Australian in sport, and never ever ever trust an Australian in sport when they say “trust me”.

How do I know this, because I am Australian, and I have not only claimed catches I haven’t taken, hell I once claimed a bowled where I saw the ball miss the stumps.


Live by that.

That is why Sydney was as much Anil Kumble’s fault as it was Pontings.

Kumble has been playing test cricket since keepers could keep.

He knows the game, and he knows Australia.

So why would he ever enter into an agreement with someone as hell bent on winning as Ricky Ponting?

He won’t do it again, because Anil aint no idiot.

Ponting isn’t an idiot either or is he,

“Anil [Kumble] was the one who didn’t want that [a pact on trusting the fielder’s word] after the Sydney Test for one reason or the other,”

One reason or another.

Michael Clarke might have been one reason, Ricky Ponting might have been another.

You know Ricky when you claimed one of those catches under the backyard rule of one hand one bounce.

I don’t blame you, a test was to be won, but let the umpires decided.

None of this trut me crap.

You’re not someone trust worthy, like say, a used car salesman or a politician.

You are an Australian cricketer.

Your word is no good here.

Just the way I like it.

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0 thoughts on “Is Ricky Ponting the greatest comedian of our generation? (Never ever trust an Australian at cricket, or tiddlywinks)

  1. Moses @ Beer and Sport says:

    Comedy Gold from the Tasmania dwarf, funniest moment since his hair re-appeared between tours and he insisted that his name was Rick.

  2. Ottayan says:

    Ponting so wants to be loved.

  3. Tony says:

    That attempted catch where Ponting grabbed it then scuffed it along the ground is a weird one.I’ve seen that happen heaps of times, and yet, with all the focus on catching in that series and if it had gone to the third ump, it would have had to be given not out, even though he had cleanly grabbed the ball and never looked like letting go.It’s all a matter of when the catch is considered complete, I suppose.Ever since, I have been closely watching low catches to see if fieldsman who has cleanly grabbed the ball has then rubbed it on the ground.For instance, in Perth Gilly took a catch – yes, he actually took a catch and didn’t drop it – where he dived to short backward square and then looked very much like he touched the ball to the ground, but no one said anything.You’d think, given the circs, someone would have said something.

  4. Damith S. says:

    If Punter brings up this trust my word bs, Anil should hit him with a stinky fish.I wonder if Dhoni Captained whether he would agree. Cuz he just loves to please everyone.

  5. Jrod says:

    Moses, What happened to Rick, did he realises he sounded like a wanker?Ott, too true. Tony, I am with you, i think most of the catches on TV are probably out, but look not out in super slow mo, but I have seen potning claim catches that have bounced no doubt, and Pup does it practically every test. Damith, i think he should hit him with a fish regardless, just because it is funny.

  6. Damith S. says:

    I concur.