Peter has a point

Peter Roebuck occasionally gets something spot on.

At other times he is clearly speaking out of of his bleached asshole.

This is one of those former times.

He is talking about two leg spinners, and how alike they are.

Anil “he of the straight one” Kumble.

And Cricket With Balls Own Nice Bryce McGain.

Roebuck gets leg spinning, and in this case he even gets the men involved ever more so.

“Put them alongside each other and try to guess which man until recently worked in a bank.”

He has a serious point type point here, although i would say that Anil looks more like an accountant.

But why split hairs.

Leg Spinning is a harder art than making it as a professional yo yo er.

Somehow through his haze on nonsense Roebuck has always understood this.

Leg Spinners are a weird bunch of crazy mother fuckers.

Like writers.

Worst combination ever, a writer who bowls wrist spin, they make crazy people look straight.

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0 thoughts on “Peter has a point

  1. Carrot says:

    Is Spanky on the improve? I liked his recent take on the Andrew Symonds affair, as well. Less verbose wankery, more actual analysis = good.He still has the very bad habit of pretending to know what’s going on in people’s heads, though. “Cast as suited only to dustbowls, he was not for an unconscionable time put in the top rank. It did not bother him.”How the hell would he know what bothered him and what didn’t? For all he knows, it kept Kumble up at night! He always says stupid shit like that, and it’s bloody annoying.

  2. Jrod says:

    I wouldn’t know if he was on the improve, since the whole katich suggestion i have done my best to avoid him. If Roebuck could read peoples minds do you think he’d find out that most people hate him?

  3. Carrot says:

    What was the Katich suggestion, again? I’ve always disliked him, but what really did it for me was his reporting of Monkeygate. The noble savage and/or “intemperate Sikh warrior” stuff just REALLY shat me. Patronising AND one-eyed – that takes genuine obnoxiousness. Wanker!

  4. Jrod says:

    He said Katich should be captain ahead of Ponting. Apparently he likes dirty boys.