Celebrate Keith Miller day

Today is Don Bradman’s birthday.

People will gush about him.

Old journalists will fill buckets with their semen.

And politicians will rush to microphones to say all sorts of nice things about him.

You will not see affection for Don Bradman here.

I don’t care for the man.

His birthday means nothing to me.

I don’t give a rats ass..

The man is a dead over achiever.

Sure he made a lot of runs.

And I am sure he is a better batsman than Mark Butcher.

But I don’t care.

That is why I am proclaiming the 27th of August, Keith Miller Day.

Ways you can celebrate Keith Miller day:

Kick an aussie rules football.

Fuck a member of royalty.

Talk to Michael Parkinson.

Shoot down a German war plane.

Or show general indifference to Bradman as a legend.

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0 thoughts on “Celebrate Keith Miller day

  1. The D Train says:

    Happy Keith Miller Day!If only we had another like him in the current sideCan I please have October 21 as Damien Martyn day then please? – I know I’ll be the only one celebrating :PI must admit im slightly more in the Bradman Admirers than haters camp but I remember bieng seriously pI$$ed off once – I was called Un-Australian when I question his character rather than his cricketing skills. At least tell me you like Vegemite UJ? Or is that the reason you now call the England home?

  2. Jrod says:

    D train, if you remind me it will happen, I have heaps of Damien Martyn Stories i have yet to print. Someone called me unAustralian once for bagging DOn Bradman, and i said, if tiger bill and Keith could do it, i didn’t feel unAUstralian at all. And i do love vegiemite.