I’m back

The festival has drawn to a close and I am no longer in Wales or drunk.

But am tired and only have a little something for you.

This is my mate Stu doing his Alistair Cook impression.

Sorry to all the ladies, and men, who thought that this photo would be of Stu naked holding a bat.

He did do a photo like that, but this is a fucken family blog after all, and he was oly holding a mini bat, so it’s kinda creepy.

Oh and my google hits are down so, Alistair Cook naked, Alistair Cook nude, Alistair Cook has a better body than James Anderson (who’s body looks a bit like Mr Burns).

Also would like to point out that while I was in Wales, this blog kept running like a well oiled machine thanks to Miriam.

But republique cricket was at a stand still.



0 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. richard says:

    A well oiled cat machine, yeah. Wot festival did you go to then? Any decent bands?

  2. Soulberry says:

    But I made sure I hit here from all sides possible to me while you were away UJ…Google showed a dip? How about direct hits?These eyes…eerie…look almost like Ali’s. Sure it’s just Stu with a mini bat and not a cook involved?

  3. Soulberry says:

    Any song from 30-40 years ago at the festival?

  4. Suave says:

    I was too busy sleeping with the fairies for blogging (they were by the side of the folkey dolkey stage, if I recall).

  5. Miriam says:

    Suave, I’ve heard all about this, and frankly I’m surprised that you have any recall at all.

  6. Leg Break says:

    Richard;Don’t ask. Probably Cat Stevens’ older brothers.Suave / Jrod. Please tell me there was no facial hair faux-bonding real ale rubbish going on.Whe slept with Germaine Greer?

  7. Suave says:

    Leggy it was The Green Man Festival, the most hirsute festival in the world!There was also real ale.No need for GG, the hotness level at this festival is set to high.But we were all exceedingly well behaved. Well Stuart & Jrod were.Richard, we watched spiritiualized, super furry animals, O Death, Caribou, Archie Bronson Outfit (I slept through this so didn't see them as such), and copious other bands whose names have left me!

  8. Jrod says:

    Suave also forgot to mention the Cave Singers who were awesomeness on a stick. But he and Stu were way too fucked up to remember them. WEll i don’t really remember them either, but from what i could tell they were great. As for the ladies LB, muddy gumboots and short skirts are in. And they inspired a new fetish, climaxing into the “Welly Gap”.

  9. Miss Field says:

    I like Cat Stevens.

  10. richard says:

    Is that Spiritualized as in ‘taking drugs to make music to take drugs to’?Gah. I quite liked Spacemen 3.