report from todays play

See this wall.

That is where I sat, stood or lent for the best part of 5 hours while the English summer took hold.

I wasn’t alone, I was there with a superstar line up of internet cricket celebrities.

Miriam, from the Guardian OBO, KC’s female cat blogger and this very blog.

Sarah of Cantebury, TMS’s diva.

And The reverse swing manifestoer himself.

Also JIm, who has no internet claim to fame, but was good with the weather updates and had on a resplendent orange poncho.

We talked about Kent, alot, Facebook, Cricket skanks, Bumble and emigrating to Perth or Melbourne.

A great day was had by all.

It was a bit of a shame about the rain, because Amla was looking smoking hot.

He was in full attack mode, and Kp responded by putting 4 catching men on the boundary.

Brave move that.

Amla only has two gears, tuck off the hip for one, or Greek God mode, I do wish he would play in this mode more often.

That is all that happaned really, but i will leave the report with one note that was written just after Amla was put down.

On 12:35pm 09/08/2008 Year of the Rat, Tim Ambrose was Finished.

Oh and for those keeping score, the wall shown is behind block 13 in the OCS stand next to the bar, and shall now be known as the jrod wall.


0 thoughts on “report from todays play

  1. Ceci says:

    O hurrah – Sarah from Canterbury IS a diva! Thought she must be – did she make outrageous demands all the time and change her outfit each over? I expect you all had to hold her tripod for her … oh hang on … no Kent players are involved are they….

  2. SarahCanterbury says:

    *smiles sweetly!*Despite taking enough clothing to covermost climatic eventualities, I only added a jacket underneath my very attractive (not) blue showerproof mac towards the end of the afternoon. And I don’t believe that anyone other than Jim had even as much of a glimpse of of my camera or tripod. I’ll have to let my companions comment on the outrageous demands query…Despite the fact that the weather was total shite and we only saw 17 overs/75 minutes of play, I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, so thank you all! I feel quite proud that I was present as the JRod Wall was photographed and will be certain to genuflect each time I pass by in future as a mark of respect. Starting Monday (weather forecast permitting!)

  3. Jrod says:

    She had no demands, but perhaps that is because she had an entourage of 4 Mongolian men carrying her many, many bags.

  4. Miriam says:

    Sarah had, in her many bags, a plastic poncho that she let me sit on because I didn’t want to make flesh-to-floor contact, so I refuse to criticise the bag numbers. Talking of bags, The Jrod held my handbag for me while I went to the toilet, and within a few seconds a man said to him “nice handbag”. I think, though, that the man was just being nice. It’s a Mulberry Emmy – the ladies will understand.

  5. SarahCanterbury says:

    It was a lovely bag, Miriam.You never know just when a plastic poncho might come in handy.

  6. SarahCanterbury says:

    ps Ref my bags:I had 3: my handbag (essential item of female armoury); my rucksack containing my camera and lens and assorted programmes, scorecards, sun cream (erm???) etc; and my big brown bag which contained my lunch and various items of clothing – extra cardigan, extra waterproof used (successfully) for covering legs when sat in rain, aforementioned plastic poncho and jacket. Oh and I had my big umbrellaellaella which I won’t take again as it would have stabbed my neighbours had I attempted to use it while sat in my very snug seat. I think that was all. Jim occasionally carried my brown bag, which was very gentlemanly of him. I don’t think any men complimented him on it at the time though. Poor bag. I detoured to Bluewater on the way home and have bought a big bastard rucksack which should get everything in it in future, so only the one bag from now on. Hurrah! I’ll shut up now….

  7. Jrod says:

    Glad that is settled SC.

  8. Leg Break says:

    Which bag did you use to smuggle in the gin SC?

  9. SarahCanterbury says:

    Leg Break, I had a bottle of elderflower water in the lid of my coolbag which the man didn’t check. Am mourning the lost opportunity.

  10. Mark says:

    Good to meet you all – made the day worthwhile!Sarah – keep the Kent faith!JRod / Miriam – see you on 2nd September.