till tea

The sight screen at the pavilion end has people under it, never noticed that before.

Smith has faced like all the balls, I am not sure if MacKenzie didn’t just go out on his first ball.

Cook has now dropped 75% if his catching opportunities today.

KP has kept his aggressive game for his batting, Broad is bowling with 3 men out, one at deep point even though no ball has gone to the point boundary yet.

Broad has looked a bit easy to score off.

Smith has been stuck on 40 for 7 hours, approximately.

Monty has pretty much spent every second over in front of me, and so far with no real personality to speak of until he laughed at two men in wigs. True story.

Amla, who is looking more virile than usual, smashed a cover drive to the fence, so KP put out his deep point again. This came in handy when the next ball went to the rope at cover and the deep point could pick it up and throw back in without wasting too much time.

They have two scoreboards at the Oval, one shows replays, I can’t see that one through a brick wall. The other one is a computer screen in the style of an old English scoreboard, so it has no information on it.

Finally Harmy killed off Smith with a short one, Smith watched the replay the whole time he walked off, he may have been the only person who wanted to see his innings.

Fuck me, Harmy straight though Amla next ball, something just came alive.

No hat trick.

Harmy may get a sore back from all this back slapping.

Anderson gets Kallis LB, I congratulated him on his great series as he left the ground.

Ryan who?

Monty seems to be doing a lot of shadow batting, and it’s really bad shadow batting.

Missed Prince’s wicket, was looking for food and watching Surryites suck up to Ramps out the back of the Pavilion. You may remember Ramps, he used to be rubbish for England.

Anderson followed up Prince’s wicket with Boucher, twas a textbook outswinger.

5/29 has fallen in recent times, and KP still has a deep point.

Harmy and Freddy just switched shoes, the left ones.

Now there is 5 shoes between them, and both Harmy and Freddy are leaving the field.

Freddy now has a different brand on.

Now Freddy is changing again.

The shoe debacle seems to have abated.

AB goes out to Monty in his first over and that is tea.