till stumps

The couple next to me got to the game at 230, and the lady has been on her blackberry the whole time. At 42 pounds a ticket that is stupid.

The cockspur rum girls seemed far superior to the npower girls.

After team the English team jogged back onto the ground while the replays were playing, Monty seemed happy to see his wicket.

Morkel spooned a short one off Broad to Bell, was a good catch by Bell. Fully sprawled type thing.

What was really cool was Morkel walking off directly towards the groundsman’s hut. Being that we were half way between the hut and the change room, myself and some other patrons tried our hardest to get Morkel’s attention, but he thought we were sledging him and ignored us until he looked up and couldn’t see the change room.

Then he had to walk on the path in front of all those who had given him advice, he had a small embarrassed smile.

Gunther didn’t last long, worked himself into a strop on the way off as well.

Then I was bored for ages.

I started making panoramic photos with my phone.

Then I photo shopped some, also on my phone.

Finally Ntini was out, but I didn’t really see it.

Andre came out to have a warm up and drunken Saffer fans chanted Gunther, and so did I.

Morne continued to have a bad day, he fell over when he was bowling, then had to field on the boundary in front of us, right between his two exits from the ground.

I think that couple left.

Ntini got Strauss.

Then I dozed off slightly.


0 thoughts on “till stumps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, somewhere where some dark-skinned people are playing some darker-skinned people, the 10th wicket partnership is the joint highest along with the first wicket partnership. I wonder why the rest of the people in the middle even bothered to show up.

  2. Jrod says:

    I just saw that score, still no Zee for me, but I refused to comment on it as Sehwag failed and Mendis continued unabated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    UncleJ, Could you use your considerable influence with that mild-mannered gentleman from England to put up some FAIL pictures and six word descriptions for Teh India’s EPIC FAILZ in the first innings. Of course, you may have to invest in a beer or two hundred. The slacker doesn’t come cheap.

  4. Jrod says:

    Anon, will pass it on.