till lunch

On the short walk to the oval I see 1 of the 4 inflated advertising devices for the day.


A lot of men in beige pants and sensible shirts.


Harmy is warming up right in front of us, he is bowling at an oversize novelty stump. Somehow it seems apt. I with hold the urge to yell out, watch the first one Harmy it’s a doozy.

I am right in front of the players box in the ground level, KP comes down the stairs fidgeting with his glasses. Not a great sign.


Harmy storms out on the field, ahead of everyone else, Good sign.


The crowd look excited that Harmy is to open.


First ball Cook drops Smith.  Harmy takes it well, no one is used to more breath taking highs and devastating lows than Harmy.


The crowd groaned at the dropped chance, then again at the fact it was Harmy, and then two more times in the replay. 4 crowd groans, one ball.


Harmy then ripped one into Smith’s nutsack which sent him to the floor after some comical walking. Neil MacKenzie seemed to take 3 or 4 minutes to get down there. After a hit in the balls you find out who your true friends are.


Harmy makes his way to fine leg, gets a cheer, and then after a single gets a whole new cheer.


The last time I was sitting this low for a test match was my first ever test amtch against Pakistan, it is a different perspective on cricket, although in that test I saw people hitting Pakistani’s with flags, that has not happened today.


Smith is batting like he does against Australia, really ugly, can’t middle nothing and is annoying the fucksticks out of me.


I just realised I am directly opposite the gas towers, pretty cool.


Monty is at fine leg in front of me, he looks unco when he is standing still.


The Oval crowd just disappointed me, Freddy came on for his first spell, had given his cap, marked his run and was all but at the crease, and there was no reaction until his name was called.


Freddy gets MacKenzie, Cook takes a catch.


Early lunch as the rain comes down.

I am the only one at this ground without a packed lunch. How early did these people wake up, some of them had to be before 10am. Madness.