Blogs take over facebook

While other blogs go on about weird and wacky facebook groups devoted to players, I just bring you the best blogging action on facebook.

Everyone’s favourite English cup cake AYALAC is on facebook, and being the chatty cathy he is, he would like everyone to join up and message him with recipes, tid bits and all sorts of information.

He does love interaction with his fans.

King Cricket
maybe be a technological behemoths, but they were too proud to make their own fan site, and let the blogging moles take care of that for them.

They really wants to set up weekly King Cricket parties at their houses, so go to their facebook page to get the time and address details.

Well Pitched maybe be the best Pakistani cricket blog ever, but they are also the kings of the facebook fan page.

Their page was clearly only put up to get the ladies, so sign up and they will send you the address to send your underwear.

I set up my own fan page, because I believe your biggest fan should set it up.

Don’t contact me though, I will feel uncomfortable, contact AYALAC, he is much more comfortable with that sort of attention.


0 thoughts on “Blogs take over facebook

  1. The Atheist says:

    You facebook creatures are scary…You get everywhere. You know everything…how?….how…?

  2. Q says:

    Facebook is evil!But seriously? The ladies? hahaha!

  3. Miriam says:

    So it’s recipes for AYALAC, underwear for Wellpitched, but what do we send to YOU, Jrod?

  4. Jrod says:

    ice cream