I’m sorry dave hussey, I am for real

I would like thank everyone for helping out on the David Hussey Petition.

It has been a failure.

I take partial blame for that, the rest I put at the feet of terrorists.

But I refuse to give up.

Why, because I am Victorian, and so is David Hussey, sort of.

So I am going to hit the streets of Melbourne and get the remaining signatures required.

And then I will march into Cricket Australia head held high and demand to be able to bitch slap James Sutherland into selection Future PM, David Hussey, the peoples Hussey.

Watch this space.

Oh and please sign the petition.


0 thoughts on “I’m sorry dave hussey, I am for real

  1. Miss Field says:

    Are you really going to hit the streets?I want to see the video!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ok so here goes…. mate your blog is amazing… i check it a good 5-6.8 times a day just hoping for an update. even though your an ocker i can get past it… and yes tim southee owns (i’m a kiwi), i’d so turn for him yessssss, plus fuk david hussay noone wants to see another aussie making it big keep up the work and dont let me down. and my last point of the day is AFL is for batty boys rugby is where its at man up u jew…. hmmm can i pay jews out here? plus check out the description of kallis on here http://content-nz.cricinfo.com/indvrsa/content/current/player/45789.html classic classic. wow i dominated that, drink DB Draught yessss oh yea my names hamish i dont have an account so i cant oficially post a comment piss poor effort

  3. Jrod says:

    MF, yes and oh yes. hamish, I agree with every third word.

  4. Suave says:

    here your amazing it 5-6-8 day for even an can it tim I’m I’d turn yesss david wants another it up and me my of is for rugby its up hmmm pay here out of here wow that draught yea hamish have so officially comment effortTo make it easier for you jrod, i’ve typed every third word out for your perusal.Fuck i’m bored.

  5. Jrod says:

    Sauve, you are a prince among men.

  6. Suave says:

    Prince, f*ck off, I’m the suave leader of a republic, I can’t be a prince.Otherwise I’d have an army of ageing ginger all-rounders coming after me with a guillotine.I don’t need that, thank you very much!

  7. Miss Field says:

    I think he was trying to be nice.Do you say it like ‘gillotine’ or ‘giyatine’?

  8. Suave says:

    I know he was trying to be nice, but if you had Paul Collingwood, Glenn Chapple and Sean Pollock coming after you with the blades of truth, you’d be a little worried too..

  9. Miss Field says:

    Apparently rangas have feelings. I heard that somewhere.

  10. Suave says:

    I say gwioootign, but that’s cos I’m wacky.What are rangas?

  11. Miss Field says:

    So you’re almost a Frog in your pronunciation of French words. Er, anyway. Well rangas have red hair.

  12. miriam says:

    rangas are nice

  13. Miss Field says:

    Do you have a thing for rangas?

  14. Suave says:

    Mims, yes they are, when they’re on your side..But when Dougie Brown and Kevin O’Brien get the face on with their suave leader, I hear the blades being sharpened.It’s scary, I can tell you!

  15. miriam says:

    i am an adopted member of the ranga family

  16. Miss Field says:

    Oh, well, rangas are ok then.

  17. Jrod says:

    Suave if you don’t wanna be known as the prince or Cassius Clay you don’t have to be.

  18. Miss Field says:

    He told me he wouldn’t mind if it was princedd.

  19. Miss Field says:

    Or even princess.

  20. Suave says:

    I think that from now on, I would like to be called executioner of truth.Suave, The Executioner of Truth.There’s an oxymoron in there I think.And missy, there can be no royal connotations to my name, it’s a republic after all.