leadership gurus and the new world order

I understand sport is now professional.

I get that with the amount of money generated out of sport, that professional athletes have the rights to feed their family from the profits their actions generate.

I know that in a professional world there are going to be hangers on, looking to make a quick buck or two.

Doesn’t mean I have to like them.

With that we come to this story, Ray MacLean a former RAAF leadership dude comes in and helps the Australian team find the spirit of cricket.

How about contacting Richie Benaud, he is the fu©ken spirit of cricket.

I really don’t care if some football coach who was once from the northern suburbs of Melbourne likes him, or if the coach of the Australian basketball team used him.

If you want to know about the spirit of cricket, you don’t get a round table with Ponting, some suits, a professional coach and some dude that trained people to kill more efficiently.

You go and talk to ex cricketers, cricket historians, well respected cricket writers and then you ignore them all and continue to play to win.

I can’t help but think all this is being done to calm down Peter Spanky Roebuck.

The thing is, nothing calms down Spanky, he is constantly angry about something, which is fine, we have all come to expect that, but don’t placate him with spirit of cricket talks and such, just let him keep bagging the aussies while they win.

And who would take him serious after he called for Katich to be Australia’s next captain?

I think to stop all this nonsense we should play a test tomorrow.

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0 thoughts on “leadership gurus and the new world order

  1. John says:

    He also called for Tendulkar’s retirement a cuple of seasons ago. He gets hold of a phrase like ‘a pack of wild dogs’ and just badly wants to attach that on someone.

  2. Ottayan says:

    These psychologists complicate matters such as playing cricket.Do their mumbo jumbo work?

  3. Straight Point says:

    the sound of willow hitting ball would never sound better…

  4. Soulberry says:

    Modern methods are rather interesting to watch for an old timer. Some are good, innovative, but most are re-bottled stuff with new labels that don’t taste like they used to.I’ll catch up on the match from day three through five…mid-70 percentage clay-mix is what the curator tells us…almost sounds like Bangalore to me which was about 85% buit the grass is growing here which wasn’t at B’lore.

  5. Uncle J rod says:

    When Ned flanders took over as coach of Australia, he worked out that fast bowlers expend alot of energy and cover more ground going down to fine leg at the end of every over. He spent all this money tracking them and working out better field positions. But the fast bowlers liked to go down to fine leg at the end of the over, they liked to switch off. The computers and analysis didnt show that.