the radio

Today I have to drive for about 3 hours.

Wednesday I’ll be driving for 3 hours again.

I don’t like driving, but what p1sses me off is there is no cricket to listen to.

For some reason I had convinced myself the last of the trev barry games was on today, but alas not for the first time in my life I was mistaken.

When I was a little tacker my family loved to holiday interstate. Since we were poor, this involved incredibly long car trips, mostly in summer, which meant the cricket was on the radio.

Jim Maxwell with his straight commentary, and Tim Lane with his dry sarcasm and slight Australian bias.

Peter Roebuck reminding everyone that Australia aren’t that good, but they are damn good.

Harsha bhogle, getting so excited by the cricket you think he’ll pee himself.

Kerry O’Keeefe actually p1ssing himself, at his own jokes of course.

Dean Jones remembering how damn good he was.

Jonathon Agnew sounding like he was auditioning for Hamlet.

Those were the days.

How my mum put up with it I don’t know, although she does like listening to Kerry O’Keefe, but who doesn’t?

When it was just my dad and I it must have been a pain. But on those occasions when Big Daddy travelled with us, it must have been horrible for her.

The men in our family aren’t known for being quiet, and three of us in a small place is a horrifying thing, you have the farting, and the arguing over the cricket.

Due to my mothers sensibilities we cleaned up our language, which mean me and Big Daddy would go up to 2 hours at a time without calling Atherton a boring ©unt.

Not an easy thing to do.

My favourite memory of those trips was when my dad went nuts at Mark Taylor. He had teken Anthony Stuart (or was it stewart) off with a few overs of his ten to go, after he got a hat trick.

My old mans view was that if a man is swing bowler is on song and the ball is swinging you leave him on.

For the next 5 hours big daddy and I pissed our selves as my old man brought every cricket conversation back to Taylor’s mistake.

Big Daddy and I still laugh at that, it was probably the only time my old man ever bagged Taylor’s captaincy.

The rental car I get better have a cd player.

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0 thoughts on “the radio

  1. John says:

    Kickass post

  2. Uncle J rod says:

    thanks mate.

  3. Leg Break says:

    Are you guys too young to remember Lindsay Hassett as a commentator?He was the ultimate. Such a shame they never let him near the mike after lunch.

  4. Magpie says:

    Gday J Rod, Stuart is the correct spelling of Anthony’s surname. I was fortunate to grow up with him at school and spent hrs in the backyard sending his ‘pie’ deliveries to the back fence. A couple yrs later I used to get hurried up at cricket training though.Funny you mention his name, he is now current coach of Wellington in the NZ league. If Bracewell keeps on with his usual verbal diarrhoea and nil game plans, Stewy could end up coaching the sheep shaggers.

  5. Uncle J rod says:

    LB, Lindsay was well before my time, but was a victorian so i can only assume he was of the highest level.Magpie, How come all the guys i played back yard cricket against went on to be bums. On his day he was a more than useful swing bowler, but if the ball wasn’t swinging he was bantha fodder.

  6. Leg Break says:

    Stuart now coaches Wellington (that’s a NZ domestic side; Fleming, Franklin, Bell, Patel, Angry Gillespie etc…)Highly rated so far; certainly way better than our current national coach.Hassett was a legend on the gin….