Chappell/Hadlee Farce

What’s the go with the ridiculous scheduling of games in Australia this summer? In an era when cricket is played wall to wall, we suddenly have an unprecedented month’s break before the next test, which begins on Boxing Day in Melbourne.

Instead we have to put up with a stupid three game one day series with New Zealand. The Black Caps are going very poorly at the moment, which is beside the point, but to risk injuries to key players before a Test series with India is reckless to say the least. Brett Lee was lost for the entire World Cup in the corresdonding Chappell/Hadlee series, earlier this year, severly injuring an ankle.

The reputation of Test cricket not only needs to preserved, but the game needs to be cultivated. This type of rubbish one day cricket is only putting another nail in Test crickets coffin which is the opposite to what should be happening.

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0 thoughts on “Chappell/Hadlee Farce

  1. Uncle J rod says:

    On here Sime we refer to it as the Trev Barry trophy.

  2. Ottayan says:

    UncleJ,New Zealand is a different beast in the ODI’s.Take them lightly at your peril.

  3. Uncle J rod says:

    o, they beat us in the last trev/barry series, but the main point sime makes in this blog, is that the series is useless.I cant help but agree with him on that.

  4. Ottayan says:

    UncleJ,It is not a useless series.It will prepare Australia for more formidable opponents, namely, India.

  5. Uncle J rod says:

    O, how do three one dayers prepare you for a 4 test series. Surely the players would get more out of playing first class cricket.

  6. Leg Break says:

    UJR,Would you flag the Trev – Bazza trophy altogether then?

  7. Uncle J rod says:

    LB, Once every 3 years is enough isn’t it.

  8. Leg Break says:

    So you’re suggesting an ODI series that lasts less than a week once every 3 years?Or are you suggesting Australia wins it once every 3 years?

  9. Uncle J rod says:

    LB, i’d change it to 5 games every 3 years, and as we are a charitable country you can win it from time to time.

  10. Leg Break says:

    5 games in 3 years?Wow; we’re lucky. I guess you’ll also propose it’s to be held in August in Cairns, Townsville, Darwin etc?

  11. Uncle J rod says:

    No 5 games for the trev barry, which other country do we play every year??? Do you guys really care about this series? I mean its a waste of time. Any two team one day series is a waste of time.

  12. Leg Break says:

    We seem to play Sri Lanka most years…No we don’t really take it seriously, although I intend to continue reminding you of the 3-0 whitewash in February for the next couple of weeks.It also gives us the chance to play in some of the most famous cricket grounds in the world every couple of years. Like Hobart for example

  13. Uncle J rod says:

    You know your struggling as a country when you can’t even get a game at one of the G’s.

  14. Leg Break says:

    We haven’t had a test at the MCG since Greg Dyer and some Aussie umpire cheated us out of a win there in 87.

  15. Uncle J rod says:

    Wow, i’ve played there a bunch of times since 87. I’m a bigger test nation than NZ.

  16. Tony says:

    Correction. It’s the Chadlee.The one earlier this year was great practice for the World Cup. What’s more, it sucked everyone into thinking Straya had suddenly become crap.