Hi Ho

I don’t know much about this Chamara Silva chap, but I like what I see.

He is a cricketer. Tom Moody saw it straight away.

In the first test against the Aussies he was the only batsman that dictated to Australia.

Marvin blocked, Sanath swung away, and Bambi (Vandoort) grafted.

Silva batted, if there was a bad ball it went to the ropes.

Remember back in day when people who played attacking cricket were thought of as batsmen, not one day specialists.

I miss them, and I wasn’t even born then.

Short balls were pulled, full balls were driven, and straight balls were flicked.

He attacked without going nuts about it.

In both innings he was caught at third man for 40 odd, once oddly enough from a flick to the legside. That is a worry.

I hope he is persevered with, he has a good technique, great eye and is great to watch.

Add him to my list.

Definitely not a probot.

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6 thoughts on “Hi Ho

  1. Ottayan says:

    Uncle J,I believe the match is done and dusted.

  2. Soulberry says:

    I didn’t see him play today but he can play. I saw him against BD I think.Congratulations to Australia and you made it an interesting match to follow through your posts when we had to miss a session or a day. Thanks Uncle and look forward to more from this blog.

  3. Soulberry says:

    This one’s for you and your blog. Virtual right now, but maybe when we meet up at the pub sometime, I’ll hand it over to you.

  4. Uncle J rod says:

    That is awesome Soulberry. Best t shirt i’ve ever seen. Thanks mate. Means alot to all the balls crew.

  5. Soulberry says:

    That’s a Tantra T-shirt which I have modified a bit. It’s there on my blog as an award to you and your site with a link to Tantra T-shirt catalogue. They are funny and I possess a few of them including this one. (The “with balls” bit can be easily added on)Their Via Agra T shirt has proved to be one of the most popular.I truly enjoyed reading your blog over the past few days.

  6. Uncle J rod says:

    Thanks soul, glad you enjoyed it.

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