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This is a blog I wrote years ago on a blog I used to have. It wasn’t a cricket blog, it was more of a pop culture blog. So it wasn’t written for you smart as a whip cricket fans. It was a featured blog on a few different sites at the time.

I have a mid year eve resolution that I thought I should share with you. It’s strange that I would have a mid year resolution, as I I’ve never had a New Year one. I have decided to live my life in the style of an Adam Gilchrist innings (for the ill informed Adam Gilchrist is a cricketer who play’s for Australia). Mr Gilchrist in real life is a committed family man with tendencies for metro$exuality, he’s not quite a nerd but he’s not exactly Benicio Del Toro either. However when Mr Gilchrist enters an arena holding a bat, he is a different man a different animal even. H has the aura of Russell Crowe from gladiator, he has the confidence of Lee Marvin in the dirty dozen and he is as tenacious as my nans dog (the one that always tried to bite me as a kid).

Gilchrist hits the ball harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, but it’s less how hard he hits it, it’s more the way he attacks a cricket ball. As much as I love cricket, it can be a boring, depressing and repetitive game when mere mortals play it. What else would you expect from a game invented by the English. The fact that cricket can be all these things is actually why when someone like “Gilly”, (I’m Australian its impossible not too use his nick name) can be a wet dream to the fans. He plays a sport where one mistake means then end of his day, and yet this seems to make him attack more. These days sports people play sport like they’re guarding there share portfolio, so watching Gilly flail the bat around like a junkie swatting away imaginary flying monkeys is f*cking outstanding. He plays like fear is not an option, and that’s how I want to live my life, f*ck fear and all fear related products.

People spend the whole lives afraid of making mistakes, but gilly has inspired me to f*ck that sh*t, grow some test1cles, and swing away (Signs reference for you movie fans). I hate my job, and I hate what it does to me, but there I am every day (well most days) plugging away, for a boss with no balls, and a company that I despise. I think in life all of us should start to take the gilly approach.

I understand this would mean a lot of people may try and become astronauts. But so be it, lets take our dreams by the horns, and I finally know what my dreams are and blah blah blah… Stop reading and get your act together.

The crock is now writing three blogs a day… thanks mr gilly…

So there you have it. That was written about 4 years ago. I quit that job, and now own my Film Production Company. Its still early days, but hey I’m doing something I love.

You too can live the life you want on the gilly highway to success self help program, just send 2,413 American dollars in unmarked bills to Uncle J Rod and your life will be Gilchristed.

May I also say that it’s of no small coincidence he has Christ in his name. And I’m an atheist/agnostic heretic.

Keep watching the sky.

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4 thoughts on “gilly (from the vault)

  1. SixandOut says:

    I think Gilly is a very good guy.This post has reminded me of Lance Armstrong for some reason.

  2. Uncle J rod says:

    Dinnie i saw Gilchrist give up business class so he could sit with his wife and new born in economy after winning the 2003 world cup. Which leads to the story where i fell into him.

  3. SixandOut says:

    I really like guys of that sort.I also think highly of McGrath for having stood along wife all through her battle with cancer.

  4. Soulberry says:

    Nice write up.

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