Australia vs India Match 2

I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t see much of the second one dayer between Australia and India as the match started at 1pm eastern standard time in Australia. Unfortunately, some of us have to work for a living!! Having said that I am glad I had to work.

I managed to catch the gripping conclusion as Damien Fleming made a pretty strong case that India could still win although they needed 8 an over off the last twelve with 3 wickets in hand and Dhoni the only guy capable of holding a bat left at the wicket.

Very disappointing day for the game of cricket when the most noteworthy events that made highlight packages were the ugly confrontations between several members of both sides……who will remain nameless…….

Reminded me of many other matches between Australia and sub continental sides that have turned nasty. I hope I am wrong, but there seems to be a trend. Whether Australia is still viewed by the rest of the world as just your average tall poppy that needs slashing or is it the fact India have just come off a major international tournament win (I’m still not convinced it counts) and may have been viewed as a rising threat that needed some mental manipulation before the Australian summer by the Aussies. Would be interested in your views out there in Uncle J-Rod land…….

None the less, this match just reinforced my point of a blog ago that these sort of contests don’t do anything for anyone associated with the game. India batted poorly and unfortunately Sachin failed again and he would be advised to put in a phone call to Chris Grant………

The game had a fitting end as Dhoni refused singles to expose Sreesanth to the strike, something I haven’t seen in one dayer…….particularly when they needed 10 an over. To seal the deal he nearly killed Sreesanth with a slog down the ground and the farce was completed as Gilchrist showed more concern for Sreesanth’s helmet than he did the individual.

Bottom line – save the niggly agro crap for the first morning of the First Test in November when there is something actually on the line.

Monday night I witnessed the first half of the first one dayer between England and Sri Lanka and was pleased to see the stunning form of one of all time favourite non Australian players Sanath Jayasuriya. What a freak he is at 38. Made a typical Jayasuriya 41. Set the platform for what can only be described as restrained, pedestrian 269 from the time Jayasuriya was out. Disappointing considering the bowling was moderate to say the least. No Flintoff and Broad is still very raw and finding his feet at this level.

England was England and capitulated for 159 (luckily I didn’t have to witness this as I went to bed) although a noteworthy debut was made by England’s keeper, a guy named Mustrard……..yep…….Mustard, who put in a tidy effort behind the stumps and contributed some spunk at the top of the order before he was out for a 30 odd off 20 balls. The walkers came in next (Bell and Collingwood) and that must have been that…..

Keep an eye out bloggers for what sounds like the makings of an interesting Test in Pakistan were South Africa are taking on the home nation at the moment.

Uncle J-Rod…….I am too intrigued by Dinnie………

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5 thoughts on “Australia vs India Match 2

  1. Samir Chopra says:

    I agree – all this hyped-up, pumped-up, over-aggroed vibe, for what? A one-day international. C’mon, theres the Boxing Day test, the New Year’s test to save all that for. Lots of talking in the press, on the ground. Geez. Enough already.

  2. Uncle J rod says:

    hayden “my balls are bigger than your balls”, sreesanth “nuh uh, you just got a big sack”

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Sime, Sime, Sime what a piece of shit!!!

  4. Dinnie says:

    Dinnie is a pretty simple gal.

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