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Cricket Sadist Hour: Swinging shoulders and chunky thighs edition

A podcast where we imagine how Ryan Harris would bowl without limbs, and wonder if one day KP will hang out with Kin Jong Un. A preview for the ashes that very nearly looks into the series, some Pakistan and Sri Lanka chat that veers into left hander bashing, Bangladesh cuts and drones, the semi competence of the ICC and a special tribute to Victor Trumper.

Will appear on itunes here.

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Two Men Out EXTRA SPECIAL SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: The history, future and visibility of the pink ball in a hard hitting

We look deep inside the the world of pink balls and day night Tests to pull out all the truth you need.

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Cricket sadist hour: Can Bangladesh have a new era? feat. @zaltzcricket

We talk legspin love, work out the exact level of Windies mediocre, try to work out if this was England’s first ever ODI series, mispronounce Bangladesh’s new dynamo, toy with the idea of buying a women’s franchise in the new English league and all the stats you didn’t need to know. Recorded in front of a live ESPNcricinfo audience.

Most importantly, we now have itunes up and running. So, yeah.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: Wedded Cricket Bliss

We talk cricket weddings in honour of Adam Voges. Discuss all the retirements we can find. Andy comes up with a new system for home and away Test series. Sherwin Campbell kidnaps the new England ODI method. And then Andy invents a new bat that has a 51% chance of success.

Podcast is still not on itunes, but like Steve Smith, we will overcome this mess early start and then fail to make double hundreds later.


Cricket Sadist Hour: The Adcocks (featuring 100% of @zaltzcricket)

Andy and I discuss what NZ used to be like, share a mutual hatred of terrorists, talk all things Shiv, visualise “like a tracer bullet” the coaching career of Ravi Shastri, talk Williamson elbow and discuss taking 400 Test wickets. Recorded in front of a live ESPNcricinfo audience.

Show still not on itunes, but it will be.

It will be.

It probably will be.

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Cricket Sadist hour with Gideo Haigh: Shock and Awful

Click here for two men still sounding a bit stunned after Adelaide.

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Cricket Sadist Hour’s Starc Luxury with special guest star Mark Butcher

Here we talk cancer.

Can you feel an edge?

Is Watson the shit KP?

What would happen if Jimmy was to McGrath himself?

Differing opinions over the greatest 37 ever made.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: The Anti Pup with Gideon Haigh

It’s a late emergency meeting of the cricket sadist hour where Gideon Haigh repeatedly calls for Darren Lehmann to come back.

And I wonder why the buck didn’t stop where it was supposed to and whether 12 years is enough.


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