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Cricket Sadist hour with Gideo Haigh: Shock and Awful

Click here for two men still sounding a bit stunned after Adelaide.

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Cricket Sadist Hour’s Starc Luxury with special guest star Mark Butcher

Here we talk cancer.

Can you feel an edge?

Is Watson the shit KP?

What would happen if Jimmy was to McGrath himself?

Differing opinions over the greatest 37 ever made.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: The Anti Pup with Gideon Haigh

It’s a late emergency meeting of the cricket sadist hour where Gideon Haigh repeatedly calls for Darren Lehmann to come back.

And I wonder why the buck didn’t stop where it was supposed to and whether 12 years is enough.


Cricket Sadist Hour: ‘Bowl dumb, Broad’ (feat. Iain O’Brien and Mark Butcher)

Three men, sitting down, talking about a Test.

It’s sexier than any full penetration interspecies porn you can find.

Is it Broad’s technique or his head that makes him so unpredictable?

Is the Bruce Martin Equation solved?

Will sitting on a bench help Dictator Dan be Test match fit?

Does it matter that Joe Root is not as buff as Nick Compton?

Do you dream of Jimmy Anderson inswing?

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Cricket Sadist Hour’s Biting Bresnan with Mark Butcher and Iain O’Brien

This is three men, who of which played Test cricket, one of which caught his dick in a zipper, talking about England V New Zealand.

Important questions are answered.

What is the Bruce Martin Equation?

What Organ is Matt Prior?

What does Onions have written on him?

And what is South Africa’s second best export after District 9?

All these questions are answered.



Cricinfo have a show called the Huddle which is recorded daily during the IPL. Proper famous people are on it.

And me.

I’ve done quite a few, but I haven’t linked to them here because like switch hit they aren’t my show.

But, here is one on cricket commentary.

If you like it, there are others, on many other things. You can even watch them live on the cricinfo home page.

At the end of the day, or the beginning, it is just me talking shit with people. Which is what I do.

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The ashes squad with Gideon Haigh and Ryan harris’ latest injury (NOW ON VIDEO)

Ryan Harris is injured.

Mitch could be back.

Someone needs to get Fawad Ahmed a passport.

Phil Hughes, really?

Players like Brad Haddin.

James Faulkner is an impressive angry talented young man.

It’s literally me and Gideon Haigh talking shit about the Ashes, but this time on video.

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the kiwis are better than bad net bowlers with Iain O’Brien

This is the podcast where we talk about BRUCE MARTIN.

Lock up your granny.

We also do a bit on how Hamish Rutherford might make coffee.

How arrogant England are.

And how things were better in IOB’s day when electricity and homework for cricketers did not exist.

Listen here.


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