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Here at cricket with balls we are very proud of about 30 or so posts.

The rest, well, some are rubbish, and some are ok.

Here is the good ones.

the akmals – a sitcom from the family of pakistani cricketers

ashes facts – as a 100 day count down to the 09 ashes we gave you 100 unknown ashes facts

are you ready for you close up, mr vettori – iain o’brien retires, but dictator dan won’t give him screen time.

aussies are assholes – Written in the aftermath of the bastard monkey saga in sydney.

best aussie XI – The unbiased and logically best Australian XI ever.

book competition – we released a book and made you try and win it.

bryce mcgain interviews – Jrod talks to his number one fan.

bryce’s soliloquy – Just before an important tour Byrce got injured, Jrod got upset.

bryce’s soliloquy redux – Before his first test match Bryce was ruled out with that rotten shoulder, Jrod was still very upset.

choir & cricket – Miriam sings a song for us.

context ‘the film’ – Jrod stars in a film and swears a lot about sex and legspin.

cricket’s cat town – English people like cats, Miriam cashes in on this.

daryl haprer interview – we get the low down on his umpiring

david hussey petition – We try and get Huss into the test team, instead we get him into the one day side.

don bradman – telling the true tale of how he became a zombie terrorist

for andre nel – the big angry man goes through some hard times and we try to help

gorilla marketing – the icc paid me to put this video up, i think i repaid their kindness

how to write a cricket player’s diary – advice for all cricketers ready to cash in

in bed with… – We take you deep, deep, deep into the bedrooms of your favourite, or not, cricketers.

jrod’s guide to blogging – A must view for any aspiring blogger, filled with so much goodness you will explode.

kiwi coaching applications – New Zealand needed a coach, so we got all the best people to apply.

leg spinners are cool – They are, and here is why.

living with warne – Jrod takes us through his Warne years of living under the great man, not literally.

mass deaths at lord’s – andrew strauss opens with a spinner, and kills the members

mein cricket – hitler played cricket, and then tried to re-write the laws

mentalists – Cricket has thrown up some crazy fuckers, here is a post for them.

obo IPL final – Miriam takes us through a Cava soaked extravaganza.

obo of AB medal – Jrod gives you a blow by blow account of the ass licking of Mark Nicholas.

proboters – A complete and uncut definition of what a Probot is.

sehwagology – Kneel before the great man.

shoaib’s script – shoaib gets genital warts, we find him a way to make money off it.

south africans – Is it racist to hate South Africans?

spinners & zombies – who do you choose?

sri lanka get shot at – jrod writes what is called a fuck poem

the dark knight pitch report – Batman with a bat.

the english firm – the award winning post that explains how dreadfully boring England really is.

the ijaz butt plug – it explains itself really

the neils – cwb’s award ceremony

the story behind the innings – why simon katich hates kiwis

ways aussies can stop VVS Laxman – warning: shane watson’s sexuality and fake zombies are here.

what generic roles cricketers would have in TV/films – MS Gony fighting Zombies amongst others

young off-spinners manifesto – how to be an off spinner in the modern age


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